How to add your billing information in Amazon?

Adding your Billing Information
Once process of shipping address is over, enter your billing information so checking out takes a few clicks. Amazon Gift Cards can also be applied to your account for the purchases to be automatically deducted from the gift card first. You can also try check cashing stores that buy gift cards
Repeat the process of hovering over “Your Account” and clicking “Your Account” link at the top of the menu. Now click the “Manage Payment Options” link in the payment section. Press “Add a Payment Method” button. Select the Payment Method to wish to add, however, a debit or credit card, a checking account, or balance of gift card can also be added. Fill out the requisite information. If a debit or credit card is entered, the card number, name on card, expiry date, security code and billing address need to be entered.
If just a checking account is entered, name on the account, the routing number, the account number and your driver’s license number will have to be entered. This is being an easiest and whole process of Buying Things on Amazon.

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